Saturday, April 1, 2017

March Wrap-Up

We've made it through the first quarter of the year! The first three months are gone. Actually, just yesterday, I was reading another blogger's wrap-up post and when they said "a quarter of the year" I thought, "I think you mean a third of the year. April hasn't happened yet." And I almost corrected them, because you know, three months = 1/3 and four months = 1/4. I used to think this when I was younger, and apparently, if you get me at the right time, I still do. :P But anyways.


Writing went very well last month. You may remember that I wanted to write 10K more of Strangers and the first 5K of that new idea I had, which now has the title Roping the Overcomer. Well, Strangers ended up getting the 5K and Roping the Overcomer the 10K. But I still wrote 15K total, so I'm happy with that. :) Also, I think Strangers might almost be ready for the second draft, which I may or may start this month.

Two more book ideas have started forming this last month. One is taking longer than the other, but they're still forming. I may at least start outlining them this month. It kinda all depends on how soon and how much the ideas want to share with me. :P


Elizabeth Gail and the Time for Love by Hilda Stahl       The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman       Dandelion Dust by Faith L. Potts       Every Little Thing About You by Lori Wick                      

Found by Audrey Caylin

(Yes, I know, two of them don't have covers :P)

So once again, I have read five books. :P And two of those are books I beta read: Found and Dandelion Dust. Both of them were so good. I can't wait until they're published so all of you can read them to! :D

I'm not even going to try to pick a favorite for the month, because I loved them all. But there is one that I didn't like quite as much as the rest, and that was Elizabeth Gail and the Time for Love. This was probably my twentieth time reading it (I really liked this book when I was younger). But the whole series is more for children than an 18 year old. :P

I refuse to say that I'm going to try to read more this month, because each time I've said that, I end up reading the same amount as the previous month. We'll just see what happens.


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Other News

So all in all, March was a great month. At the beginning of the month I thought that maybe I was putting to much on my plate, but I guess not. :P Everything went a lot better than I thought it would. And now I know that I can handle that much in a month.

I may be going for my license this month. A little nervous about that, but I just want to get it over with. Once I pass, I won't have to worry about it again. I'm going on vacation this month as well. I'm really excited about that, because I'll get to see family and friends that I don't get to see very often. And, I'll be able to go to some of my favorite book stores! How can you go on vacation and not come back with books? :D That's right, it's not possible.

So how was your February?


  1. Congrats on all that writing! That's awesome! And my own plot bunnies are coming along slowly as well. They just need more time to fully pop their heads up ;-)

    And you got two books beta read? Wow! You're a beta reading machine! Thanks for doing mine, btw. Your feedback is super helpful! :D

    I hope you have a great April! <3

    audrey caylin

    1. Thank you, Audrey! :) The plot bunnies got you to? I love plot bunnies. :)

      Haha, yeah, I did. :D You're welcome! I'm glad I was able to help. :)

      Thanks, you to!

  2. Heeehehe I just had a mini heart attack cause I was like, WAIT IT IS A QUARTER OF THE YEAR, RIGHT?? THAT'S HOW MUCH TIME HAS PASSED? And I raced to do the math again until I realized you were saying that was your first thought, not the actual truth and I just *heaves sigh of relief*

    Also, YAY FOR GETTING A LICENSE! *high fives*

    1. Lol, sorry! I didn't mean to worry everybody with that. But, seriously, it always gets me confused. :P

      Yes, I just want to get it over with.

  3. Sounds like a good month!! Hey I'm getting my license this month to I just cant wait for the test to be over :)

    1. It was, for sure! :) Really? That's great! Good luck! :)

  4. Looks like you had fun this month! And good for you for getting a license!! My friend just got his and he gave me a ride once and I was soooo scared the whole time! When we finally parked I just stared at him like, "How in the world did you pass that test?!" XD
    Seriously though, I hope you do great! And I also hope you're a better driver than him!!
    -Gray Marie

    1. I did! Oh, yes, I know what that's like. I've ridden with some pretty wacky drivers myself. :P

      Thank you! :)

  5. Congrats on the writing accomplishments! Sounds like you had a good writing month. I hope your license test goes well! Have a great vacation!
    Mines okay just getting things done little by little -_-

    1. Thank you, Marrok! :) Yes, it was a great writing month. Thank you! :D

      Well, every little bit helps. ;)