Saturday, May 27, 2017

The Sunshine Blogger Tag

I've been tagged!... again. So, I'd like to thank the lovely Micaiah over at Notebooks and Novels for tagging me for the Sunshine Blogger Tag. As you can see Has anyone else noticed that there have been a lot of tags going on this month? Like the week after Camp NaNo ended, it seemed like everyone did a tag... Anyway, on to the rules for this shindig.


 -Answer 11 questions from your nominee
-Tag 11 bloggers
 -Ask them 11 new questions 


1. What is your favorite type of post to write?

Oh my goodness, um, let's see. Although I have fun writing every post, I'd probably have to say that I like writing posts like my Trust and Don't Worry posts. I haven't written one this month, but I have a couple that will hopefully go up in June. If all goes as planned that is. :P

2. When did you start writing?

Oh, I was born with paper and pen in hand! I was ready to be published by the age of two. I'm sorry, what was that? You want the truth? I don't know if I should be impressed that you picked up on the fact that I was joking, or hurt that you think I would ever lie to you. Fine, I think I was something like 13 or 14 years old. Honestly, I don't really remember. If I'd known I would get asked this on a regular basis, I would've written it down!

3. What is one piece of advice you'd like to give to new bloggers?

Don't do it! Turn back while you still can! Just kidding. Stick with it! The beginning may be a little rough. It will probably take a little bit to find your blogging voice. Just be yourself and don't worry about how many followers other bloggers have (more than likely they've probably been blogging a lot longer than you). I mean, take Hitler and Jesus. Hitler had what, like thousands of followers? How many disciples did Jesus have?

4. Do you prefer Microsoft Word or Google Docs?

 Um, I kinda have to go with Google Docs, because, as far as I know, I've never used Microsoft Word. I want to try Microsoft Word though at some point, so I can better compare the two.

5. What member of the Fellowship of the Ring can you relate to the most?

Oh my word, this is a great question. And hard. I don't know, I can relate to all of them in some way or another. But I guess I'm more of a mix between Legolas and Gimli.

6. How are you pursuing your dreams right now?

Oh, wow, that's another really good question. Honestly? I don't really know. God has me where I am right now for a reason, and I'm trying to be content with that. Everything is going to happen in His timing. I'm actually planning on doing a post on this soon, so you can be on the lookout for that.
7. What is the hardest part of being a writer?

Well, let's think about this...
The struggle is real, guys!
But, in all honesty, it kinda depends. It mostly depends on what's going on (a.k.a. life) and what book I'm working on. There are a lot of things that come into play. Sometimes, things are just like "Well I was nice yesterday, so I'm gonna be evil today and make her second guess everything." Thanks, man! I owe you one.

8. What is your favorite hot drink?

 What if I told you guys that my favorite hot drink isn't actually coffee? What?! My whole life is a lie! Oh, calm down, I'm only kidding. Coffee is my favorite hot drink, I mean, look at the title of my blog... now the URL. Clearly, I like coffee. :P

9. How do you come up with your story ideas?

I don't. (Haven't I already answered this question before?) They just kinda hit me between the eyes like, "HEY! HERE'S SOME INSPIRATION!" Oh how kind of you.

10. Which do you prefer, ebooks or paperbacks?

 Paperbacks! :D I like ebooks too. There are benefits to ebooks, I mean, you don't have to hold them open and the lighting is always perfect. Have you tried holding open a paperback with one hand while holding a flashlight in the other? It's harder than it looks! Don't try this at home kids But, yes, I prefer paperbacks. There's just something about holding a book with actual pages. Not to mention, the pretty cover. :)

11. What is one book that has made you cry?

 Are we talking happy tears or sad tears? Well, I guess it doesn't really matter because I don't think a book has ever made me cry. Unless you include the Bible. I think the Bible has made me cry once or twice. I don't really remember because it was a long time ago. Other than that, a book has never made me cry. Bring tears to my eyes? Yes, but not what I consider crying.

I Tag

Liz @ Out of Coffee, Out of Mind
Jonathan @ Fishing for Ideas
Marrok @ Marrok MacIntyre
Gray @ Writing is Life
Emily @ Writer Emily Mundell

Like always, don't feel like you have to do this tag. If you don't want to, that's completely understandable. I'll just hunt you down later. Oh, did I say that out loud? And if I didn't tag you and you'd like to do this tag, consider yourself tagged by yours truly.

Your Questions

1.Why did you start blogging?
2. How did you come up with the title of your blog?
3. What's your favorite thing about blogging?
4. Are your novels usually plot driven, or character driven?
5. Have you ever thought that the movie was better than the book? If so, what movie/book was it?
6. Of the four Pevensie children from the Chronicles of Narnia, which do you relate to the most?
7. What is your favorite fandom(s)?
8. What is your favorite genre to read?
9. What do you do more than the other, writing or reading?
10. How do you rate a book?
11. Who is your favorite author, and what is the first question you would ask them if you could?

And that's it! But before you go, I wanted to let you all know that sometime in the next two weeks, my blog will look different. I want to make my blog better fit me and my personality, so when you come back at first you may wonder if you have the right blog. Just thought I'd give you a heads up! :)

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Homeschooling- Part 3

Hey, everybody and welcome to Homeschooling part 3! This will be the last part. I hope you've enjoyed this little series, even though it was spread out. :P If you haven't read the first two parts, but want to, you can find them HERE and HERE. (And, once again, all pictures are from Pinterest)

Haha, oh, how accurate this is! For my family anyway. Don't know about the rest of you, but I'm the one on the left there. I remember the rest of my siblings as being the one on the right.

All homeschoolers do this, right? I really only raced with my little brother... when he decided that he was going to get up early. :P I usually won, though, because this worked to my advantage:

Okay, the reason this worked in my favor is because my brother took a lot of breaks, but I didn't. Actually, I don't think I necessarily took breaks. If I took a break from one subject, it was to work on another. I mean, the sooner you finish your schoolwork, the sooner you can do the things you really want to do.

No! How can they say that this is a blessing? I did. not. like. math. But for some reason it was like, my best subject? What? How does that even work?
Probably because you got to spend extra time in those tough areas.
Who asked you?
You did.

Moving on...
Homeschoolers always have the bigger lunchbox. You see kids that go to public school comparing lunchboxes, but what if homeschoolers compared lunchboxes? That would funny. Homeschooler goes to public school for the first time. Brings a mini refrigerator.
Here's a couple random ones:

What about you? Can you relate?

Saturday, May 13, 2017

My Firsts!

So, since I'm on vacation, I figured it be a good time to share something with you. Today I will be sharing some poetry... that I wrote... myself. I've only been writing poetry for about a month, maybe more, so I'm not very good yet. So far, I've only tried free verse, and the following two poems are the first ones I've ever written. I hope you like them. :)

All Those Times

All those times
We laughed at the stars,
And how they could not decide
Whether to shine or not.
When really,
It reflected the choice
We struggled to make ourselves.

Can I show my true colors,
The real me
I want so desperately
For someone to understand?
Or will I be rejected,
Tossed aside
And once again
Labeled nothing, trivial?

I feel as if
It will never end.
Maybe it will always
Be this way.
They say that
Some things never change,
And maybe that is true.

But I have to believe
That one day,
I will find my light,
Just like one of those stars.
And I will shine
For all I am worth,
For I have found
My place in the night sky.


You are hiding
By why?
Have I not done enough
To gain your trust?
I have shared so much
About myself.
And even though
You have too,
I feel that there is still
So much more.
So much more that
Not even the closest to you
Has seen.
You keep your true self
Under lock and key.
For such a warm
And caring person,
You seem to be suspicious
About everyone
And everything.
But let me tell you
One thing,
And that is,
You can be yourself
With me.

What about you? Do you like poetry? Do you write poetry, or at least tried to?

Saturday, May 6, 2017

The Liebster Award

Hey, everyone! I'm back. Not that I went anywhere or anything... *awkward silence*

Kaitlyn from Twin Thoughts tagged me for the Liebster Award. Thank you so much Kaitlyn! :D

The Rules:

-Link back to the person that tagged you
-Answer the eleven questions
-Tag eleven bloggers, and let them know you tagged them
-Ask your tagged bloggers eleven questions


1. What is your favorite hobby?

Writing and reading, obviously. :P Ha, writing meaning, trying to keep characters in line, who like to misbehave and question my authority. Other than that there's walking/running/exercising, if that counts. Yes, workouts are a hobby. I'm a body builder, can't you tell? :P

2. What does your first name mean?

Let me start by saying that my name is uncommon and I have yet to meet someone who spells it the way I do. Nobody can seem to spell it right the first time. People have spelled it a million different ways, and come to think it's fun to see what they come up with (for some reason, a lot think that is starts with a C). But, Greece is the origin of my name and it means "beloved".

3. What is your favorite family memory?

Um, all of them? None of them? I don't know, who came up with this question? *folds arms and scowls* Fine, I guess I'll say long family trips, because those are always fun. :D

4. What's your personality type?

I'm an INFJ (Introvert, iNtuitive, Feeling, Judging). I think these are a pretty good summary of me:

5. If you had the opportunity to have a 4-course meal, all with foods you choose, what would the meal consist of?

Oh, so you basically want me to choose favorites? Do you know how many different kinds of food there is? *pauses to think* Okay, here is goes. Salad, bread, steak, cauliflower, and ice cream.

6. Would you rather have a pet dolphin or a pet bear?

I think it would be super cool to have both as a pet. But I'll say dolphin, because I've always really liked them, and I really like swimming.

7. What's one random thing about you that few people know?

I'm left-handed. I know it's on my "About the Girl" page, but not many people know that. What I really like to do is, when someone is like, "Oh, did you see that?! I did that left-handed!" I'll come over and be like, "I can do that left-handed." But there always seems to be that one person who knows and they say, "That's because you are left-handed!"

8. What's your favorite holiday?

Christmas! :) Isn't that everyone's favorite holiday? No?

9. What quote (from a book, movie, or YouTube video) do you find yourself saying often?

I actually find myself saying this quite a bit. But you have to say it the way Anakin does.

10. If you could live in any other previous time period, which one would you choose?

Probably the 1880s West. I don't know what it is, but there's just something about that time period that I like. The Victorian era would also be interesting.

11. If you could see yourself from someone else's perspective, who's perspective would you choose and why? (It could be a family member's, a friend's, your local librarian's, etc.)

I would like to see myself from everyone else's perspective, but I'd have to choose a close friend's perspective. Why? Because I want to know why my friends want to be friends with me. :P

 And I tag:

 Your Questions:

1. How long have you been writing?
2. When you write, do you like to type or write by hand?
 3. Oxford comma: yay or nay and why?
4. Do you prefer movies or shows?
5. If you could only visit one other country, which one would it be?
6. Are you an introvert or an extrovert?
7. What's one random thing about you that few people know?
8. What is your favorite animal?
 9. What quote (from a book, movie, YouTube video, etc) do you find yourself saying often?
 10. Would you rather live in the city, or the country?
 11. If you could see yourself from someone else's perspective, who's perspective would you choose and why? (It could be a family member's, friend's, your local librarian, etc.)

If I tagged you, please don't feel like you have to do it. And if I didn't tag you, but you would like to do it, consider yourself tagged! :D