Saturday, November 25, 2017

Keep Going!!

So here we are, with less than a week left of NaNoWriMo. I don't know about you guys, but that went by kinda fast.

Today's post was inspired by Jem Jones post she did about a week and half ago.

Some of you may have already won NaNo (and if you did congrats! :D), some of you may be right on track, and some of you might be behind (don't worry, you're not alone. I'm right there with you).

So today, I'm going to share some writing prompts with you. Like me, some of you may be struggling to write, or you just don't know what to write next. I'm hoping at least one of these will give you some ideas. :)

I hope one of those inspired something! Go ahead and take one of these prompts and write a scene using your main characters. You may not think you could use it in your novel, but you never know. I did it the other day, and after I finished the scene, I realized that I just might be able to use it in my novel! :D But even if you can't, it will help you get to know your characters better.

Don't be afraid to stretch your creativity either! If one of these made you laugh, turn it into a sad scene instead, or vice versa. Have fun with it! :)

So how is NaNo going to for you? Which one of these prompts was your favorite? Do you think you'll try to use it?

Thursday, November 16, 2017


Hey everyone! I know this isn't the normal day I would post, but I have something I wanted to share with you all. :)

Just the other day I got a package. And in the package were some watercolor paintings I got from my friend Sarah Grace! :D They are so beautiful and amazing!! <33 Here, take a look for yourself:

They're even more beautiful in person. :) *sighs* I'm in love with them. I guess you could say it was "love at first sight". ;)

Not to mention, Sarah Grace is self taught! And you know what else? You can get a painting too! Yup, that's right, she sells her artwork. :D She's on Amazon and Etsy. Also, she's running a Christmas sale from November 13th through the end of the year. 15% off any purchase, plus free shipping on orders over $30! :D

And because I know you want to get one of these fabulous paintings, here are the links:



You should go buy a watercolor painting! *nods* I mean, Christmas is right around the corner. ;)

On a side note, I know I haven't been posting regularly, but I'm hoping to fix that soon. I have a few blog posts I'm working on, and if all goes well, one of them will go up this Saturday. Hopefully. :)

Friday, November 10, 2017

"Bound" by Victoria Lynn // Blog Tour

Hey everyone! Welcome to the Bound blog tour! :D

Now, to get started, here's a little about the book (cover is on the banner):

Two souls don't find each other by simple accident ~ Jorge Luis Borges ~

Levi thought he was making this journey alone. But when he meets an eight-year-old girl at the train station, that plan is turned on its head.

Casey is running away and finds out that Levi is too. They decide to journey together and their lives are suddenly bound together in a journey they will not soon forget.

Both children come from abusive situations and are running from the dangers of their previous life. Levi is confident he can handle this on his own, but when Casey is injured on the journey, he must seek help from the first person that comes into his path, or rather people. Mr. and Mrs. Bellworth are simple farm folk with a heart for kids and a passion for serving God. When their unconditional love and gentle care surrounds Levi and Casey, the troubles of their previous lives melt away and they start to flourish. But when Casey is dragged back into the abusive world she came from, the emotional trauma, pain and distrust resurfaces. Will they be forever bound by their past? Or will God answer their prayers?

At the beginning of this year, Victoria Lynn published Bound on her blog chapter by chapter. That's where I first read it. Guys, you need to read it, it's amazing!! It's one of my all time favorites. That's how good it is!

I reviewed Bound here on my blog back in April, and you can find that HERE.

It's also available in paperback and Kindle on Amazon.

About the Author

Victoria Lynn is in her 20s and if she's not writing, she is probably sewing, singing, playing the piano, washing dishes, creating something with her hands, or learning something new. She has a passion for serving her Creator, encouraging others and being creative. She blogs at about writing, fashion, modesty, her walk with God and life. She lives in Michigan with her parents and 8 siblings.

Doesn't she sound so cool?! I knew you would agree, so I today I will be interviewing this lovely author. It's so exciting to have her here! :D

So, Victoria, my first question is, why do you write?

Mostly for the enjoyment of it. I enjoy crafting worlds, people, and stories in my brain. I have always loved doing that, even before I was able to write them down.

And how did you discover your love for writing?

I have always loved it. Creative writing is something I excelled at when I was even very small and would write for school. I was never really assigned anything, but I got to do it for the fun of it. I never thought I would publish anything. I just wrote because I loved it.

What inspired your book Bound?

A picture prompt started it off. I published that on my blog but there were so many ideas still spinning that I decided to keep writing. Thus, a novel was born. :D

What is your favorite part of the writing and publishing process?

The original writing part. Publishing involves very little creativity except for the cover design and is a lot of info packed into my brain. Making sure all of the details are perfect is not my forte. But I do it because the end result is worth it.

What is your favorite genre to write in?

I always just say Christian fiction because that umbrella extends over everything. I enjoy modern suspense, inspiration fiction, Historical settings and I enjoy the occasional fantasy story.

What do you do in your spare time?

I don't have much spare time, LOL! But when I do, curling up with a tv show or a good book would probably be what I do generally. I also love to watch youtube tutorials galore. Makeup and hair tutorials are so fun for me. I could get lost for hours easy.

And finally, do you have any advice for aspiring indie authors?

Honestly, I would just say keep writing. Just write write write. Learn your craft and practice it. You can read all of the books about writing in the world, but you won't become good at it until you actually practice it. I would also say, don't worry about publishing until you have polished your book as much as you possible can.

And that's it! Thank you so much for being with us today, Victoria! :D

Thank you so much, Karyssa! I am so happy you asked me to "visit" your blog! Thank you for reading my book and for your kind words! That encouragement means a lot to me!

And before you guys go, Victoria Lynn is hosting a giveaway!

Grand Prize Winner will receive:
(open to US only)

~ A signed paperback copy of Bound
~ A T-shirt of your choice from Victoria's Zazzle shop
~ A mystery chocolate care package

3 Second Place Winners will receive:
(open worldwide)

~ A free e-book copy of both Bound and London in the Dark

You can enter by clicking here.

What are you still doing here? Go buy a copy of this amazing book! :D