Saturday, March 4, 2017

And There Goes February

And there goes yet another month. Wow, did anyone else feel like February went by faster than January? I mean, I know that it's three days shorter, but this is just ridiculous. Thankfully, though, I was able to get a bit more done this month.


Writing went a lot better than in January. I've been working on Strangers, and it's somewhere between the first draft and the second draft. I don't know if that makes sense. It's weird, I don't really understand it myself. :P But I hit a trouble spot and realized that I had to do character sheets. I have never done character sheets before, so this was a new experience. And I found that it was a lot of fun! :D It's strange though, that I had to do that because I made up these characters when I was something like nine years old. You would think that I would know them really well by now, but I guess that wasn't the case. :P

Towards the end of February I came up with an idea for another book. I am currently working on an outline and character sheets for it. I'll probably add it to my Writings page at some point this month. I will say that I am super excited to write it. :D And the research that I'll have to do will actually be a lot of fun.

I have set some writing goals for March. I want to get 10,000 more words on Strangers, and the first 5,000 words of this new book. Yes, I may have set the bar kinda high, but the past two months weren't as productive as I would have liked, so I've decided to make this month different.


I read five books in February. Not as much as I was hoping to read, but at least we are being consistent. :P

Lies Young Women Believe by Nancy Leigh DeMoss      Martin Hospitality by Abigayle Claire      Between Two Worlds by LeAnne Hardy      The Thorn by Beverly  Lewis      Tuck Everlasting by Natalie Babbitt                           
 My favorite for the month? Well, it's actually a tie between Martin Hospitality and Lies Young Women Believe. Both are sooo good and I highly recommend reading them. My least favorite was Tuck Everlasting. I liked the story, I just feel like it lacked in some areas. It would probably be a good book for children.

I'm hoping to get more reading done this month. And guys, I'm beta reading for the very first time this month! I actually signed up to beta read two books. Don't really know if it was a wise decision, but both of them looked so good and I didn't have time to ask an experienced person. But I shouldn't have a problem since this month isn't going to be super busy or anything.


My ramblings in February:

Posts by other bloggers last month:

Jonathan's post When All You Want is to Inspire was so good and you need to go read it right now.

Abi did a post in which she gave 50 facts about her book Martin Hospitality. There are no spoilers so go check it out.

Audrey's post You'll Never Know was the inspiration for my post about trust. I definitely recommend reading this.

Other News

You may remember I said that in January, I never felt well rested. Well, February was a little different. I was still tired a lot, but this time I kinda did it to myself. I don't care though, because I was happier (I consider this a good thing :P). And again, not much happened this month. One of my nephews had a birthday. I followed a few more blogs.

For some reason I'm really excited for March. Two of my nieces have birthdays, has it really been a year already?! And the new Beauty and the Beast is coming to theaters!! When I found out that they were making a new one, I could not believe it. This is my favorite fairy tale, guys! :D

I have decided that I'm going to be excited (yes, excited. don't question) for the whole entire month of March. (I have already had a rough spot, but trying not to let it affect my mood.) This shouldn't be to hard, right? :) I mean, we only have 27 days left to go. Or, if you want a smaller number, 662 more hours! :D

How was your February? What did you accomplish? Are you excited for March?


  1. Yes, February did go by even faster than January :P

    Ooooh you have a new book idea! Those are SO exciting! I'll keep an eye on your WIPs page :D

    I think I'm most looking forward to getting some rest this month. Last month was crazy, and I'm feeling a little worn (which probably means I shouldn't be dragging myself out of bed early on a weekend morning xD).


    audrey caylin

    1. I'm glad that I'm not the only one who thinks that. :P

      Yes! It just adds to the excitement this month. :D

      Well I hope you get ALL the rest you need. Can't say I don't need some myself. :P

  2. Ahhh I can't wait to read Martin Hospitality! :D And yes yes, that's a good mindset. MAKE THIS MONTH AMAZING! *high fives*

    1. YES, it was sooo good! I will probably read it again this year. :D YAS, LET'S! *high fives*

  3. New book idea?!?! *high fives you* That makes two of us! I'm super excited for March. =)


    1. You have a new book idea to?! YAY! *high fives*

  4. Congratulations on all the writing you've accomplished! New stories are the best. :)
    "Martin Hospitality" -- YES YES YES!! I had the privilege to beta-ready for Abigayle and I LOVED the story!! Josiah... <3 ;)
    *grins through the paragraph about beta-reading*
    Ahh, yes. I can total relate to the always-feeling-tired. For the past two months, it seems like one been tired a lot. Last weekend, I went to bed early and slept in two days in a row, and I think I've finally getting caught up. :P

    I really enjoyed reading your February post, Karyssa!! :D

    1. Thanks, Faith! They are. :D

      "Martin Hospitality" was soo good. Yes, I looved Josiah! <3

      I really need to catch up on sleep to. :P

      Thanks for commenting! :)

  5. Ooh, I've been eyeing Martin Hospitality. *eyes it some more*

    Congrats on making more progress on your writing! (I know what you mean about the whole draft 1.5 thing. Totally did that with my novella side project.)

    Yay for beta reading! When I started beta reading, I signed up for two projects at once as well. :P It was a lot of fun, you just have to remember to prioritize them because time goes by faster than you think when you're busy. :P

    1. Yes, you neeed to read it, Liz. It's SO good.

      Thank you! (It's so weird. I don't know how it happened :P)

      So far I am having a lot of fun. I'm currently trying to figure out the best way to get a lot done. You can say that again. :P

  6. Hi Karyssa. I found your blog through another blog! It sounds like you had a good month!
    I really want to read Martin Hospitality some time. I'm hoping to win it in the raffle copter giveaway Abi's doing. ;)

    - Lilly Shyree (

    1. Hi, Lilly! Welcome. :) Really? I find so many blogs that way. :P Oh, you did? Good luck! ;)